Saturday’s With Sam – EdTech Workshops with WOW!

NJECC is excited to offer Saturday’s With Sam – EdTech Workshops with WOW!

Over the course of three Saturday’s in March and April, nationally recognized educational technology/STEM teacher extraordinaire, Samantha Morra will offer three practical, engaging and hands-on educator workshops that will WOW you. The topics, cost, dates and locations are listed below. Please note that you can register for only one, two or all three depending on your time and interest. 


CANCELLED——Make Google Work for You: Extensions, Add-ons and other Goodies for Teachers –
Extensions, add-ons, and other great features can add so much to how
you use Google Chrome and Drive in your classroom. With the click of
an extension, you can create, save, and share content. With add-ons,
complex tasks become easy and less time-consuming. Come learn about
extensions, add-ons and more to streamline your Chrome & Google
experience, make Google work for you, and save you precious time.
Cost: $55.00 – members, $65.00 – non-members

The In’s and Out’s of Google Classroom and Drive for Educators
Let’s move beyond just sharing files with our students and look at
ways that Google Classroom and Drive can help us communicate, organize
resources, and impact student learning. Discover many websites that
connect to Classroom and Drive and pick up some great tips and tricks
that can make management and instruction more effective.
April 14, 2018
9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Montclair State University ADP Center for Learning Technologies
Cost: $55.00 – members, $65.00 – non-members

TinkerCad and 3D Printing for Educators
In this hands-on workshop participants will design and create files
for 3D printing. Do you have a 3D printer or are you considering
getting one? Now what? 3D printing can sound intimidating, especially
when it comes to creating designs. Many teachers fall back on pre-made
designs which are a good way to start but limits the creativity,
problem-solving and innovation skills we want to develop in our
students. In order for 3D printers to really open doors for our
students, we need to look at Computer-aided design (CAD) tools.
TinkerCAD is a free web-based 3D design tool. It is a great tool for
beginners to advanced 3D designers. We will even explore how to create
a 3D print from any drawing. This has some great applications for
younger students and students with special needs. You will be amazed
at what you and your students can create and print on a 3D printer.
April 21, 2018

9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Montclair State University ADP Center for Learning Technologies
Cost: $55.00 – members, $65.00 – non-members

NOTE: To make the most out of the workshops listed above, participants should bring a
Wi-Fi enabled laptop computer.

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