Grants & Funding

funding-keyThe New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative (NJECC), while not a grant maker, recognizes that its member district’s budgets for digital learning are often small or even non-existent, resulting in the increasing need for schools to obtain grants and E-Rate funding to support technology needs.


As a starting point, the federal Office of Educational Technology has put together an excellent overview of the questions district’s need to ask themselves before seeking federal funding for their digital learning initiatives –

In addition, the Federal Communications Commission offers guidance on how to apply for and properly utilize E-Rate funds to meet district digital learning needs –

T.H.E. Journal compiles a weekly list of grants and funding opportunities to support districts digital learning/educational technology initiatives –

While we recognize that each grantmaker requires their own unique proposal format and data to submit a successful grant application, we recommend you view the follow article to get a sense of how to craft a  winning educational technology grant proposal –

Finally, if you or your staff are seeking small educational technology purchases for individual classrooms or teachers, please consider creating an education focused crowd-sourced fundraising campaign using a service like