Google Apps for District Level and School Secretaries

NJECC is pleased to announce TWO  Google Apps for District Level and School Secretaries Workshops at Montclair State University this Summer.  

Beginner Workshop to  be held on July 9, 2019 from 9:00 – 3:00 pm at Montclair State University- PLEASE REGISTER HERE –

Intermediate Workshop to be held on  July 10, 2019 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at Montclair State University.  PLEASE REGISTER HERE –

*** You may register for one or both workshops but they must registration must be completed separately.

COST: $165 per person per workshop from member districts (NJECC Members may use entitlements) and $175 per person for non-member districts. No refunds for cancellation after June 30, 2019.
QUESTIONS: Please contact or call Kathy Evans, NJECC Business Manager at 973.728.9022

What attendees can expect to learn in the Beginner Workshop:

  • Organize contacts to enable efficient communication
  • Create labels and filters to help manage communication
  • Search effectively to quickly find needed details
  • Schedule events, conferences, and meetings that include the necessary details for all stakeholders
  • Create shared calendars for your school/ district to enable seamless communication
  • Organize files added to the Google Drive for quick and easy accessibility anywhere

What attendees can expect to learn in the Intermediate Workshop:

  • Going more in depth in topics found in beginner workshop above
  • Share files to enable real-time collaboration with colleagues
  • Create collaborative documents using various Google Apps
  • Utilize built in tools to help improve the quality of document content


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