About Us

The New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative (NJECC) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support the integration of technology in K-12 education as it applies to student learning, professional development, leadership and instructional planning by providing its more than 100 member school districts with a wide range of services to meet their technology needs.

NJECC promotes and supports integrating technology in education by providing workshops, monthly meetings, conference events and more. As a cooperative organization NJECC offers opportunities for networking, forums for finding solutions to problems and for sharing successes.

NJECC is directed by a Board of Trustees and advised by an Advisory Board made up of educators from its member districts.

NJECC is a regional partner of The Future Ready Schools Initiative and is a certified NJ state provider of professional development credits and is a CoSNISTE Affiliate.

NJECC Trustees and Staff

President: Gregg Festa (201) 956-2864 term expires 2024

Vendor & Conference Coordinator: George Magdich  (201) 376-3003

Business Administrator: Kathy Evans (973) 728-9022

Office Manager: Martha Harvey (accounts@njecc.org)

email:  info@njecc.org  Fax: 973-771-3181


4 year term

Joanna Antoniou –  term expires 2023

Patrick Higgins – term expires 2021

Ryan Kenny – term expires 2023

Michael Mitchell – term expires 2021

Randall Palmer – term expires 2023

Dan Sutherland – term expires 2021

2018-2019 NJECC Board of Advisors

3 year term

Jackie Castellano, Essex Fells – expires 2021

Allison Evans,  Carlstadt BOE – expires 2023

Arielle Goldstein -Millburn School District – term expires 2021

Erica Hartman – Morris School District – term expires 2022

Joshua Koen – Newark Public Schools – term expires 2022

Samantha Morra – The Elisabeth Morrow School – term expires 2022

Paulette Salomon, East Orange School District – term expires 2023

Chris Shamburg, NJCU – term expires 2023

Claudia Vesley, Dumont School District – term expires 2021



NJECC Partners

Montclair State University





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