June 2017


NJECC Blended Learning Institute 2017

Register TODAY – Blended Learning Institute 6/27/17 at Montclair State University, ADP Center, University Hall – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Watch for a 1/2 day “What’s New with Google” workshop coming soon.

CodestersGordon Smith – python language

Presentation: bit.ly.CodestersNJECC

GoogleDoc for Q&A: bit.ly/NJECCNotes
  • Not seeing success with integrating into regular classroom – better with dedicated computer/tech/coding teacher
  • In Spanish with a click, working on Mandarin, looking for help with Arabic translation

Bruce Reicher – Upper Saddle River – Technology Teacher

Python Coding in the Classroom with Codesters

Presentation: goo.gl/P8BmDj

Sam Morra – There is no H in STEAM (and other great things I heard my students say)
 “If you assign a project and get back 30 of the exact same thing, that’s not a project, that’s a recipe.” Chris Lehmann

1:1 Pilot in Grade 5 – Elizabeth Jezequel & Stephanie Lawley – Dater Elementary – Ramsey

Kids got chance to use just iPads, then just chrome books, then both kids.  Kids choose:

  • creative projects – ipads
  • research – chrome books

Ramsey uses Google Sites for teachers webpages.  Homework posted on Google Sites so parents can access.  Google Classroom is used just for kids and teacher.

Innovative learner-centered podcasts, websites, blogs, and Discussions! – Kim Angerson – Ramapo Indian Hills Regional School District

Presentation: tinyurl.com/ybqlfpzb

CoSpaces VR creation platform – Bobby  Kalman – Smith Middle School – Ramsey – Digital Design, Computer Tech teacher

Presentation: tinyurl.com/cospacesnjecc

SWIVL in the classroom – Stefanie Gigante (sgigante@ridgewood.k12.org) – Ridgewood High School

  • record class videos as they are being taught
  • wear lanyard that ‘speaks’ via bluetooth to SWIVL and records audio
  • new model can use 4 separate microphones
  • Exemplar lessons available for Intra-district collaborations
  • gave option for students final project to use SWIVL
  • Recap 2.0 Video Q&A platform (don’t need SWIZL to use?)
  • appx $300-400 price range, 3 different cloud tiers

Adopting Google Sites as a school wide platform for communicating and learning – Jeff Bradbury & Keith DeBlasio – Westwood Regional School District

Presentation: wwrsd.net/NJECC

Instructional Strategies for a One-to-One Environment – Marc Vogel (mvogel@rih.org)- Ramapo Indian Hills Regional School District

  • ever wanted to clone yourself, teach every student at their optimal level, wondered if students could talk about what you taught them fluently?
  • Screencast is an answer
  • Keep screencast short



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