December 2016

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Topic: Personalized Professional Development for Educators

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Makayla Mota, Microsoft Ambassador talking about the advances that Microsoft is making in the area of micro-credentials and personalized learning.


Mike Ritzius, Associate Director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues, and Co-Founder and Board member with the Edcamp Foundation on the ways in which we can redefine how individuals, communities and school districts can learn and grow.  Contact:,  twitter: @mritzius

The full presentation:

  • Once we accept that school is nothing more than an idea that we’ve all agreed to follow, the possibilities become endless.
  • Prof Dev and Prof Learning are related but not interchangeable
  • Prof Dev is systemic not personal.  It is a continuing renewal through collective space.
  • People think systems are – magical, naive, complex
  • Prof learning is always person, a journey towards self actualization as professional within the context of a professional space.
  • If you change the way your look at, the things you look at change.
  • Training is standardized but may have a differentiated approach attending to the demands of the system.
  • We shape our tools, thereafter, the tools shape us.
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  • If individuals lose the ability to influence the system, then training becomes oppressive and a gap forms.  The purpose for learning is lost.
  • You can only be part of the solution if you are part of the problem.
  • Professional development answers “What does the community, and the world, need of this school?”
  • Professional learning answers the question “How do I become my fullest professional self while contributing to the collective good?”
  • Training answers the question  “What does this community demand of me as a functioning member?”


Lynette Guastaferro and Mary Strain from Teaching Matters, about how they grew a pilot program of 375 teachers in NYC into a successful learning experience for all.  

Link to their presentation:

Kurt Fritz – Vantage Learning –

Mike Duffy, Kyte Learning (, Regional Director, on how district’s are beginning to use Kyte’s innovative platform to ignite individualized learning within school and beyond. 

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Good and welfare – Your Biggest Problem

  • making more time for PD
  • buying from vendors not on state contract
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