May 2016 – COPPA Compliance & Copyright

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Digital Learning Institute

For our annual DLI – Digital Learning Institute! We continue to change our offerings as the technology changes, the software changes, and the uses in schools change. We repeat some popular sessions, but offer many new classes that you may not be familiar with. These new offerings deserve your interest. It is a constant challenge to keep up and to know how to bring some of the tools that your students use into the educational arena.

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2016 Online Summer Camp (MOOC)

This course with be offered again for those wishing professional development credits during the summer. These online courses start June 25 and end August 20. There will be one new course offered each week and you can work at your own pace throughout the summer. Professional development credits will be given for each module you completed.

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Copyright & COPPA Compliance
Michael Mitchell
 Educational Technology Supervisor,  (908) 284-7655,

See/follow Michael’s presentation at:

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View backchannel of conversation (via Google Hangout) with lawyer Mark Walz (from Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP talking about school districts and technology and laws


  • is for students 13 and under NOT 13 and over
  • If website/apps says you need verifiable parent consent – YOU NEED IT
  • targets commercial websites/apps the require registration/collect personal student information (name, screen names, geo location)
  • applies to websites/apps, not necessarily schools.  It’s the websites job to ask for parent consent.  Teachers can’t sign for parents (just like a field trip permission). Perhaps list all websites planning to use on a ‘Bucket List’ with links to websites privacy policies.  Can do once (possibly does not need to be done yearly – need to check this).  Can list them on your website.
  • Google says school districts are responsible for taking care of COPPA compliance.
  • What about anonymous accounts? Appears to be OK.
  • Watch out for ‘we may share your data with our preferred partners’ – selling data
  • If the website/app collects performance data – make sure you are covered in the event of a security breech

Check out


A visit from Google’s Alix Braverman to lead an interactive discussion on student privacy

  • The Google Apps for Education core services are the heart of Google’s educational offering to schools. The core services are Gmail, Calendar, Classroom, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Talk/Hangouts and Vault. These services are provided under the Google Apps for Education agreement.

Coming from Google


Research & Citation Presentation –

“Culture of Crediting”

“classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, technology teachers, administrators and even parents modeling for students by continually crediting and citing sources – in conversation, teaching, on paper, and electronically.”

-Mike Eisenberg, The Big 6

ShoutKey – ShoutKey is the temporary url shortener that gives you a randomly chosen English word as the key for your URL. This makes it easy to share a URL in a non-electronic way, like telling your friend across the room or writing it on a whiteboard.


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