April 2016 – Coding & Education

General Meeting Announcements-George Magdich

NJECC Summer Camp 2016  (DLI) online under
Special Announcements- or under conference tab

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DIGITAL LEARNING INSTITUTE – June 10  runs during our June meeting morning and afternoon –one day runs along side our meeting date

Doug Orr Led the Meeting

To see resources shared by the group

Presenter: Cathy Varga from Chatham Day School

Presentation – 

  • “How To Make Your Robot Dance” 
  • Bit.ly/cdsspanishrobot
  • Twitter page cdstechkids

Using NAO Robots- the older students, 7th graders, decided their project would teach the younger Spanish learner. The presentation outlines the process of this project.

Presenter – Samantha Morra from The Elisabeth Morrow School

Presentation –

  • Learning to Code – Code to Learn
  • Goo.gl/rNv8lM

You want to teach coding to create something else.

Using Scratch the students work through computational thinking. 

  • Google CS First
  • Thimble by Mozilla -8th grade
    • https://thimble.mozilla.org/en-US/

Presenter- Beth Thomas– Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School Librarian

Coding with Sphero- Using a Bluetooth enabled tablet, smartphone, or iPod to control Sphero.  Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows hardware. Apps- are free


Presenter- Arielle Goldstein -Watchung Borough School District  arielleg@gamil.com

All Kids Can Code

They use CODE to create the “shape”


Ozobots – Students “built” communities and programmed the Ozobot to go to the community.  (go to post office, bank, …)

Unplugged Activities and game designs – Bloxels, coding, arrows, Pixel Press Floors, Sketch Nation Create, Tiny Tap

Tuesday 8 PM #kidscancode Chat Twitter

Blog- Digital Scoop-offers challenge cards

Starting with Mr. Potato head is how they start. Students have to give directions to move the Potato head around the grid to pick up the body pieces.

  • Other Resources
  • iPad apps- Kodable, Foos ,Daisy Dinosaurs  
  • BotLogic– blockly but shows written code
  • Tynker– Free

Presenter- Seth Corson– J.P. Case Middle School 3D Design EnvironmentsComputer teacher for 10 years – Sethcorson123@gmail.com

Website- http://www.frsd.k12.nj.us/Domain/702

Using Sketch Up and Kubity – for sharing Sketch up models

Students created a business and on the outside of each building they include a QR code for their business in this virtual environment- made with Sketch up

In Sketch-UP, students make a gallery and “inside” is their art work. Then the QR code goes to a video of the student talking about the art work.

Presenter – Sue Sullivan

  • tinyurl.com/njeccsue
  • tinyurl.com/techcads

Technology Plan

  • The Technology Plan is now more about HOW ARE YOU USING the technology. 
  • Technology Plan info online
  • Technology Assessment tool online 
  • NJTrak survey data collected from parents, teachers, and students (from webinar) helps identify gaps.
  • Digital recognition by State-  (Because it lower grades wont ever fill it in)  
  • County office will set due dates for Tech Plan- check with your county office   (the NJTrak survey has to be done)

NJCCC – http://tinyurl.com/techcads

Tools and resources – http://tinyurl.com/viewtools  

Coding resources developed partnership with NJCSTA


Vendors – 

  • Tom Caine- EZ Robot
  • Paul – PK Technologies-
  • Joe LaFera– Smartboards
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